Anerkjendt is a brand built on the foundations of traditional Danish workwear with a borderless, international mindset. Taking inspiration from a bygone era and reimagining garments to become a modern heritage label.

Embracing those historical silhouettes from industry, Anerkjendt is robust and with an extra creative edge, emerging as new-wave workwear-inspired apparel from the heart of Scandinavia.


Designed to provide not only something a little different, Anerkjendt is a brand focussed on both quality and longevity and with an innate drive to create garments inspired by a passion for what went before us, but with our own unique twist. 

“The core of our brand is about creating modern heritage,” says brand manager Jesper Møller Christiansen. “There is always a big reference to workwear, but always with that key modern element. Anerkjendt is an international brand, but one that is proud of our Danish roots.” 

Starting life in 2011, Anerkjendt’s journey has been one of discovery, refining our offer to become a brand focussed on inspiring people. With a strong focus on materials and finer detailing, each collection delivers products with that 'extra edge’ but also functional and purposeful for an everyday lifestyle.

International inspirations are fundamental to the output, but always brought back to the design concept of ’Thoughts of Denmark’. From our authentic warehouse in the southern part of the country our journey of discovery, wherever in the world, never ends. 

 We take inspiration from all touch points and we are inspired by you.